Online registrations are closed. You can only register at the events' locations, a few minutes before their beginning.

Registrations for the 1st wellness festival 7 to 9 September

The following tickets may be reserved on-line from our website and will be available for participants to purchase and to pick up from from the central office of the Molyvos Tourism Association in the center of Molyvos "Agora" (Traditional Market) from September 3rd and everyday onward:

1) 1-Day Pass - Cost: 30 euros. A seperate 1-Day pass is available per festival day 7/9, 8/9, or 9/9 and must be used only for the exact date for which it has been purchased.

2) 3-Day Pass - Cost: 70 euros and is valid for all 3 days of the festival.

3) Single Event ticket - Cost: According to event price which may be found on the program

For "walk-in" participants to single events, a ticket may be purchased on-site at the location of each event.

Due to the fact that there is a specific number of participants per event, kindly check the events for which you would like to make a reservation on the following platform or at the main office of the Molyvos Tourism Association located in the main "Agora" market place of Molyvos, until 6/9/2018.

Priority for participation will be given first according to the reservation date per participant, and second, by arrival time to the event for "walk-in" participants. If participants who have booked online have not arrived by the starting time of the event, "walk-in" participants will be provided the open seats.

As classes begin promptly, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the location and for registration and attendance to be documented.

Find out additional information about your participation here.

The children's events are not included in the 3-day and 1-day passes.