I’m humbled to be part of the first Euphoria Congress with three different contributions.

On Friday morning I will offer a Qigong session. We will explore Zhineng Qigong, a form created by Dr. Pang Ming in 1980. At the age of five, Dr. Pang started his practice under the tutelage of his grandfather, who was a master himself. Over the years he studied, practised and researched a large number of Qigong forms with 19 Qigong masters. He also became a doctor in both western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Being a scientist, he built Zhineng Qigong on strictly scientific principles and established a large medicine-less hospital in which the only form of therapy consisted of Qigong. Copious data documenting the effectiveness of this resulted in the Chinese government ranking Zhineng Qigong in first place, when, after a large-scale study, it acknowledged the health benefits of 11 different Qigong forms in 1998. Zhineng Qigong is simple, yet profound. The ease with which it can be practised and its efficacy for a myriad different health problems have greatly contributed to its wide-spread appeal.

On the Saturday, I will teach Mother Nature Taichi. Mother Nature Taichi is a modern Taichi form that was created in 2009 and launched internationally in 2012. Developed by Master Hu Xi Long it shares many common theoretical concepts with Zhineng Qigong. No longer framed in the martial arts setup of traditional Taichi forms, Mother Nature Taichi seeks to contribute to longevity through the promotion of robust physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Participants, who understand German and are passionate about exploring the Qigong and Taichi universe on a deeper level, will have the opportunity to do so on a week-long retreat in Petra from the 12th to the 19th of September. More information about this can be found here: www.wowlesbos.de.

Finally, on the Sunday, I want to offer something special that is aimed at anyone with a busy and hectic life-schedule, leaving one with little or no time to invest in one’s health.

I have been teaching Qigong and Taichi professionally for more than 16 years. In each country I have observed the same phenomenon: some people have an intrinsic motivation to practise what they have learnt in my seminars and do so on an on-going basis. Many people though will practise very diligently for a while, until the pressure of modern life becomes overwhelming, causing their practice to slowly but surely fall by the way side. Only what is practical, gets practised. So, for 15 years I have been asking myself this question: “What can I give people that will take less than five minutes per day or no time at all and will considerably improve health and well-being?”

Now, I’m proud to present the answer to that question as an inter-disciplinary set of measures, based on pearls of wisdom from East and West. It combines breakthroughs in neuro-science, space-research and discoveries that have earned Nobel Prizes with ancient forms of mindfulness training and the beauty of this program is that each one of these measures takes less than 5 minutes or no time at all to practise! Intrigued? Than attend my lecture, and you will find out all about it.

It is ideally suited for anyone with a busy schedule to whom optimal health is an important priority.

The techniques that are part of this program will be taught in two stand-alone one-day seminars on Monday, the 10th and Tuesday, the 11th of September in Petra, Lesbos.

Website for German speakers: wowlesbos.de