Yiannis Papoutsanis

Introducing Yiannis Papoutsanis,

Yiannis is a local teacher and cultural leader, from Petra, Lesvos.

A Physical education teacher graduate from The University of Thessaloniki (1999) · Master of Taekwondo 6th dan
· Master and Teacher of Greek Folk Dance
· Instructor and educator in water safety and lifesaving programs (Greek government accredited)
· Owner and Operator of Diaplasis Fitness Center in Petra, Lesvos

With more than 25 yrs experience as a teacher, and leader of his folk dance groups.

Proudly representing Lesvos, participating with local cultural associations in many festivals, locally and in other parts of Greece.

A message from Yiannis –
“I look fwd to meeting you all and sharing my knowledge and culture” .