Lesvos is a popular destination to yoga and alternative sport groups from all over the world from the early 1960s.

From ancient times, Lesvos has been a source of special energy and inspiration for innumerous writers, musicians, artists and philosophers such as Aristotle and Theofrastus, Arion the Guitarist and Terpandros, Sappho and Pittakos, one of the 7 Sages of Ancient Greece. It is the ideal location for guests to rediscover themselves and to lay down mechanisms that will help them cope with the fast pace and the stress of every day life.

The 4-day festival will be rich in events for both locals and visitors of all ages and levels, with teachers and specialists from all over the world inspiring and guiding us.

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."

- Aristotle

Various stations will be set up throughout the northern region of Lesvos, where participants will have the unique experience to challenge themselves in the heart of nature, surrounded by amazing images of the Aegean Sea, sunsets, woodlands, ancient sites and much more!

An abundance of events such as Orthosomia, Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia, Qi gong, Mindfulness, Pilates, Singer Bowl therapy, dance and meditate together will bring us together to feel the inspiration and energy Lesvos, to learn more about physical and emotional health and to get to know our bodies and Self.

We will have the pleasure to enjoy traditional greek music and do yoga under the September supermoon, enjoy the amazing baths in the thermal springs in Eftalou, meditate in the Hamam of Molyvos to the accompinament of Singing Bowls and lots lots more for people of all ages!

The island is blessed with an abundance of natural hot springs with therapeutic properties. The Euphoria Festival aims to highlight these natural springs of healing as well as the wellness treatments you may find at the various thermal springs on Lesvos.

Offers exciting activities for children aged 7-16. We will enjoy activities of theatrical and artistic expression!

We will cultivate our inner world and come in touch with nature and our bodies!

Additional Information

How to get here
You can check how to visit Lesvos and the International Lesvos Euphoria Festival here.
Ideas on where to stay
You can check here some ideas for where you can stay at during the International Lesvos Euphoria Festival.
Arrival Time to classes
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to familiarize yourself with the location and for registration and attendance to be documented. Classes begin promptly & are subject to room capacity. If for some reason you may need to leave prior to the completion of the class, kindly do so in a quiet manner.
Appropriate Attire
Wear light weight clothing that moves with your body and is not bulky.
What to bring to class
Please bring your own yoga mat if you already own one. If not there are mats on site available use. We will also provide water on site. Please leave valuables and personal belongings at home. Ensure cell phones are turned off during class.
Personal health and safety
Each participant is responsible for their own well-being and health throughout the 2nd Lesvos Euphoria Festival program and the organizers and teachers assume no responsibility in relation to any health related issues .Each participant is also responsible for his or her own practices as well as for adapting or interrupting any practice that feels unfit for him / her and for informing the teacher on a continuous basis on matters relating to his / her health.
Euphoria gifts
Αvailable on sight at Euphoria 2019 events