Dakini Kali Satyagraha

Dakini Kali is an highly experienced and respected crone of True Tantra, incorporating non-dual practices of embodied meditation, conscious dance, loving touch, somatic enactments, intuitive channelling, ancestral reverence, and plant medicine. She is a qualified BlissDance Teacher & Cuddle Party Facilitator, and renowned medicine music DeeJay. In her work she promotes being in right relations with Self, one another, and all our relations as the greatest revolution we can embody for the flowering of universal peace and harmony on the planet today.

Her style of teaching: 'Whilst acknowledging a huge debt of gratitude to my teachers, everything I transmit originates from my own direct, embodied experience: if I haven’t lived it myself, I don’t teach it. My classes are much more about transmission and less about teaching. It’s an energetic rather than a cognitive or purely physical space. I am raw, real, unpretentious, earthy, authentic and grounded in my approach, especially when penetrating the veils and mysteries of reality. I move from an innate, intuitive, visceral, sensed feminine wisdom, supported by strong masculine consciousness. Whilst holding immaculate space, I’m not afraid to share my own vulnerable feelings and experiences. Everything is welcome, everyone is welcome – with discernment and healthy boundaries in place, which I encourage and develop. I acknowledge the necessary balancing of relative truth (our own lived experiences) and absolute truth (universal, timeless truth); of the mature masculine and feminine principles; and of the light, the dark and the shadow. Truth is my lodestar and Totality is my orientation.'