Living on Lesvos for more than 25 years, I am originally born in the Netherlands (1966). Photography is in my blood as my father and my grandfather were amateur photographers. As a child I saw the magic in the dark room and my love for photography began. Since I was given my first camera at 6 years old, I never stopped. After travelling and living in different countries, I ended up on Lesvos and never left. What it is that keeps me here?? The diversity of the landscape, the people living here…the sea, the mountains..and the light….and many more reasons. I started with yearly calendars, “Lesvos through my eyes” and offered many pictures to promote this island. In 2018 I decided to take the big step and started officially as a photographer for wedding/baptism, personal pictures, events and interior. But above all, I have united my love for the island together with my love for photography and I take tourists and locals on outdoor photography workshops, walking and by jeep. My newest workshop “Come to your senses” is a more intuitive approach to taking better pictures; instead of going from the technical side I start at our five senses, see, hear, touch and smell…and how to show that in a picture. Come with me on a walk through the olive groves during the Euphoria Festival, let’s take a different, more intuitive approach to photography and see after that how we can use some simple techniques to take that picture that you wanted to take…(needed a camera or mobile phone).