Iris U. Schneider started her career in performance art and modern dance, but discovered her passion for yoga already in her mid twenties. Right after her basic Hatha Yoga Teachers Training, she met Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten, who have inspired her ever since.

For more than 30 years, she has taught, played and experimented with many different types of yoga and therapy tools, being driven by curiosity for exploring body and mind.

In the early 90’s, she founded her own little company, In-Sight Yoga, under which label she has organized countless retreats and yoga holidays, by far most of them in beautiful Molyvos, as well as Teachers Trainings and corporate events.

Her daily work revolves around yoga therapy and teaching people with special needs.

In Mindful Yoga, which is the most de-stressing kind of yoga, you constantly focus on your own breathing rhythm. Exploring the possibilities of your body within a given frame providing stability, you can slowly lead your body and mind towards greater freedom and space. Guided by simple, clear instructions, you can keep your eyes closed most of the time and focus inwards, gently getting your nerve system to calm down.

Vital Yoga is based on the Hormone Yoga series by Brazilian yoga therapist Dinah Rodrigues.
It stimulates the hormone system, supports toxic elimination and will leave you awake and energetic. It contains vigorous breathing from Kundalini Yoga, effective visualization techniques, and “bandhas”, body locks, that will help you enhance your energy level. It has a positive effect on your digestion as well as strengthening your core.

Hatha Yoga - length and strength
Traditional Hatha Yoga, adapted to the needs of the modern human being.
There will be focus on core strength, tips on how to deal with computer suffering shoulders and hands, as well as good long stretches of the most shortened muscles, such as hamstrings and chest muscles. You will be guided to come back to your natural, healthy body posture, to be able to breathe deeply once again.

The purpose of the class is to be better equipped to cope with the physical and mental challenges of your daily life.