Konstantinos Klodjan Jaupi (Omprakash)

Omprakash shares the experience and deep belief that every human being is a unique manifestation of existence that has within it an amazing potential that is waiting to be manifested.

He is the founder of the Diamond Age Essences, of the workshop “Manifesting The True You”, co-founder of the “Brain Crystal Activations” and meditation instructor. He is trained in different massage modalities and in energy work such Reiki (Masters Teacher degree), shamanic energy healing and in NLP. Through his training, his connection with the medicinal plants and his sensitivity to perceive the subtle dimensions of existence he has gained the knowledge and experience to help the individual to bring balance to his body, mind, heart and spirit and become a whole being.

He is a regular and founding member of the Greek Flower Essences Association. The approach of his work focuses on helping the individual to recognise his/her true essence and innate talents, to create a deep harmonisation within and to live a life full of meaning, joy and fulfillment. Omprakash was born with the sensitivity to feel the subtle dimensions of existence. He had an inherent feeling that there is something subtler than the physical form which is interacting and influencing our life in an unseen way. `

“My childhood memories are full of moments in which I was fully immersed with nature, connecting and interacting with it in a subtle but very refined way. Often, I would see and feel different energies moving into space and interacting with people.”

Like most of us, while growing up and not being able to express his spiritual sensitivity into an acceptable context, he blocked it. Later on when he turned 21, existence started activating again his sensitivity through dreams, visions and some extreme encounters with the spiritual realms.

He was inspired by the teachings of the enlightened teacher Osho and the spiritual traditions of the native Americans. Very soon he started practicing meditation and was initiated in various native American spiritual ways, including the Lakota elder and medicine man Galen Drapeau.

As he was walking his spiritual path in a more conscious and guided way, his sensitivity landed in a fertile ground and started bringing meaning and important guidance to his and other people’s life.

His life has led him into intense experiences through darkness and light. These led him to create the Diamond Age Essences, the ‘’Manifesting The True You’’ workshop and co-found “Brain Crystal Activation” which are the basis of his life and lead him step by step in a deeper understanding of his true essence and his path.

He has the quality of innocence, acceptance, sensitivity and love and recognizes the divine essence in different forms of it.

In order to share his experiences and the guidance that he receives he has created different vehicles to reach people in their true expression.

He facilitates Diamond Age Essences workshops and trainings, “Manifesting The True You’’ individual and group workshops, “Brain Crystal Activations” and meditation workshops. He instructs seminars in Reiki degrees and is a practitioner of various massage systems. Each session and workshop brings all of his experience in order to achieve the best possible results.

He is currently living in Greece, Lesvos Island with his family and working on new mushroom, butterfly, lichen, and cacti essences.