Electra's secrets was established in 2005 in Lesvos island, Greece. It produces hand-made soαp using traditional recipes, a big variety of herbs, essential oils and organic olive oil. This combination creates a unique and remarkable product, especially considering the fact that no chemical ingredients like preservatives or dye are used. The organic olive oil that we use, is produced in our island and it believed to be one of the best of our country. In addition, most of the herbals that we use, come from our island, Lesvos' mountains. These facts, make our products unique and hygienic.Soap is a product with a very significant tradition in our country. Especially in Lesvos, that has a very important production of olive oil, that constitutes the raw material in soap production. Few centuries ago, soap was not only produced in factories, but in houses too. This is the process that we use, applying the traditional techniques that we know from past generations.Our soaps are handmade and cut in small batches that weight about 115 gr and produced with a variety of herbs. Our soaps are gentle and very smoothing to your skin having a discretive smell and leaving a soft sense when used. You'll find out that they are bubbly and last long. They are suitable for body, sensitive skins and hair wash.