I was raised in Mytilene, Lesvos. Being blessed by growing up in the Greek province - and also because of my family's lifestyle, movement, nutrition and nature were important aspects of my everyday life from a very young age.

In recent years, I have been working towards understanding and deepening on topics of personal development and awareness relative to the body, mind and spirit. I practice Theta Healing, Deep PEAT and Reiki and I am certified as an Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

These cutting edge approaches have provided me with innovative tools to help guide and support others in their evolutionary steps on nutrition, restrictive beliefs, anxiety, and other conditions manifested in a variety of symptoms.

According to the most up to date healing approaches, in my practice every challenge faced by someone is welcomed with respect as a teacher and a guide to each one's personal journey as it comes to teach us how to express our best possible self.

For more info on my practice: www.theshiftwithin.me