Born in 1967 in Germany NRW. She lived in Munich for 10 years before destiny led her to Lesvos. During her first stay on Lesvos (1997) her life began to change noticeably. Regina: "The island has guided me well. I was alone with the island and myself for over three weeks at first. After this stay I lived alone for the first time in my life. For a year, physical pain prevented me from participating in normal life. Then I found out who I am, found my prince and banished my ten-year Crohn's disease. Dreams and signs finally took me to my stone house in a mountain village on Lesvos, where I am happy today. I want to show everyone the island and offer them the opportunity to find themselves in Lesvos."

2003: Travelling

2010: Tour guide for Robert Betz

2011-2012: Training as a transformation therapist with Robert Betz

2011- till today: Seminar leader in nature on Lesbos