The German psychologist Robert Betz is one of the most popular life coaches, speakers and seminar leaders in German speaking countries.

In 2001 Robert Betz fell in love with Lesvos and is ever since also organizing and leading seminars on this unique island. Lesvos offers the perfect surrounding with its calmness and beautiful nature which helps people to slow down, open their heart and get in touch with themselves. His company, the Robert Betz Transformation GmbH, is organizing around 30 seminars each year about different life topics bringing 700 – 1.000 people to the island. The Hotel Alma Beach in Petra (since 2003) and the Hotel Panselinos in Eftalou (since 2010) are our highly valued cooperation partners where the seminars take place.

When he is not on Lesvos, Robert Betz is travelling around Germany, Austria and Switzerland giving 50-80 speeches and seminars per year on general life issues. His lectures and meditations are also available on CD (in German). Robert Betz is author of 11 books of which more than 1.2 billion copies were sold in the last 10 years, such as “Do you want to be normal or happy?”, “Welcome to the realm of abundance” or “Step out of your old shoes”(available in different languages).

His aim is to support people to live a prosper life in a healthy body in peace with oneself and others.