Seafari Adventures

When we started our company, We knew that Seafari Adventures would not be a faceless corporation. And it is important to write about who we are and what we offer. You are after all going to be travelling with us!

Our love for our island and the enthusiastic responses we received from friends every time we suggested destinations and planned their itineraries to Lesvos and other close by North Aegean islands, led to this company. In some regards, this is our dream job. The one we never knew we wanted until it presented itself to us. I (Aspa) finished my studies at the Technical University of Crete, Studying Mechanical and Production Engineering and Management and I Dinos (Continued my familys’ tradition and became an Olive oil producer). The igniting force was passion, enthusiasm and love for this unique land which is called Lesvos island. We don’t know what that tells you. We hope that it shows that it isn’t money driven; This is our passion project, and we are here because we love creating experiences and memories to our future guests, as we called to our clients, in Lesvos and upon request in Greece.

We are a local young and passionate couple that adventuring several years around the island in order to find the most beautiful places of Lesvos island and the best ways to explore it! Our aim is to show you all the treasures of this unique land. Either your interest are cycling, nature, food, beautiful landscapes, natural hot springs, Volcanic geotopes, Birdwatching , flowers/botans observation, spa & wellness or simply someone who wants to spend a relaxing time on this island, we believe we can provide a truly unique and enjoyable experience to you.

Seafari Adventures is a Travel Agency based in Plomari, Lesvos. Established in 2018 and operates on the island of Lesvos and generally in Greece upon request. Our priority, the pleasure, the fun and the knowledge of the culture of our island and the safety of our guests. We have projects going on all over the year. Each season has different beauties & opportunities for activities/tours. High quality services combined with our brand new equipment will make your tours unforgettable with comfort and safety.

Our goal is to guide our guests to beautiful wetlands, picturesque villages, traditional mills, watermills, old bridges, archaeological monuments, hot springs and volcanic geotopes, which are part of the history and culture of Lesvos. Experienced drivers/escorts respecting the history, the culture and the environment of the island, combined with impeccable and versatile service will ensure you the best possible holidays on the island, and in Greece. Taylor made services for groups or individuals are also available upon request.

We are here to create the best memories for you, your friends and family!

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