Theodora Lymperopoulou

My name is Theodora Lymperopoulou and I am a dance movement therapist (Diplôme Master M1 et M2 Sciences Humaines et Sociales – Créatbion artistique – Danse thérapie, Université Paris -5 Descartes).

I am a postgraduate dance teacher, in classical and modern dance, from the Dancing School Despoina Grigoriadou) and a yoga teacher in Hatha/vinyasa (200h Shri Gaia Institute,Yoga Alliance).

My love and passion for dance emerged at a young age and I always knew I wanted to make a career out of it. My first studies in Greece made me realize my love for teaching and the importance of focusing on the human as a whole.

My life path brought me to magical Paris for my Masters in dance therapy (danse mouvement thérapie) , the science that combines dancing with therapy, that deals with the human body and soul together/combined.

When I was there / During my studies I realized the importance of the psychic background of the person we work on, the way we guide someone to deal with his/her body in a lesson, we owe to do the same with this psychic world.

Through the process of these realizations my need for yoga emerged. Another influence in my life was my trip to Bali and the course of yoga I followed there, that taught me how to approach a student as a body and a human. All my teaching approaches have as a common denominator the human body and the fact that we should/shall take nothing for granted, instead of that, we always need to start with what we have and through the proper guidance we can reach our goals.

When I returned to Greece I had the chance to practice all my methods and voluntarily offer them for 3 years to a rehabilitation center for teenagers, under 18 years old, teaching/ helping to discover dance therapy.

I find it very important to be able/ I strongly believe in the importance of being able to transfer our knowledge and offer it to people in need to help them improve themselves.

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