Ursula Hasenburg & Irene Asbach

Initiators and owners of the Milelja Island Garden have been familiar with Greece, culture, music and dance for decades and are fascinated by the diversity of nature.

After many stays with groups in other Greek islands, Lesbos has embraced them and they have returned this embrace and selected Lesbos as their home. The inhabitants of Molivos call them "Molivisiatisses", as one of them.

So they spoil the holiday and seminar guests with their warmth, the magical ambience of the place and a healthy, imaginative diet. Many guests visit the Milelja Island Garden at least once a year and combine their holidays with a program, be it wellness, culture, hiking or dancing.

Aruna Irini Asbach is mother of two adult daughters, grandmother, author of "Reiki Healing Power of Hands", and enthusiastic cook. As Gestalt psychotherapist, graduate geomancer and trained in various methods of energy healing, she has been working for many years in her own practice and as a seminar leader at home and abroad.

For seven years, she has been trained by the spiritual world as a medium and healer receives announcements, especially from the Great Mother and Mary Magdalene. In a book published in the autumn of 2018, she reports on these experiences.

In the Melelja Island Garden she is committed to a healthy diet for the guests and is responsible for the design of the grounds and gardens. In addition to a tour of the guests through the island garden, they can also offer healing treatments in the water therapy pool, shamanic healing treatments, energy treatments and therapeutic support for guests of the Inselgarten.

Ursula Hasenburg is a mother of two grown children, a grandmother, a businesswoman, a graduate social worker, a teacher of dance, voice and movement, Gestalt psychotherapist, and for years on her way to discovering the mysteries of healing for herself and others and the wonders of life marvel.

Dance has been her best medicine for over 40 years, and in her seminars at home and abroad, she administers this medicine in high doses. In her healing activity, she promotes the often unknown resources and believes in activating the self-healing powers in each person.

In the Inselgarten she is responsible for the overall organization, advises on request of and for instructors on topics such as:

Seminar design, hiking, dance, water therapy