Professor of Physical Education and Sports (graduate of TEFAA) with postgraduate studies in kinesiotherapy and the restoration of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Practitioner of Thai yoga massage - Feldenkrais method, alternative methods of exercise and rehabilitation ("Orthosomia"-pilates clinical, yoga therapy, therapeutic exercise).

He has been the owner of the ORTHOSOMIA center in Kifissia for the last eleven years and offers his services to many trainees and professionals in training.

Feldenkrais and Orthosomia (proper body posture)

The Feldenkrais method is a learning method consisting of very mild and sophisticated movements, with the aim of reconnecting with forgotten or lost sensations such as relaxation, efficiency through convenience (something that children know very well) and to maximize functional capacity of the human being with regard to the sensory-kinetic sphere.

The aim is to learn new posture and movement patterns, specially designed to extend the awareness of the body and to find out again the lost Orthosomia that tends to be lost in the course of life.