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Qi gong & Tai Chi

By Bruno Maria Bry

As a professional Qigong and Taichi teacher I have specialized over the last 16 years in connecting the ancient wisdom from the East with findings from holistic research in the West. I was convinced that this would yield new treasures of the mind. History provides us with many examples of how cross-cultural fertilisation has spearheaded new advances on all levels.

Always driven by a burning desire to open the door for people to a more healthy and happy life, I have observed the same phenomenon in all countries where I taught: people will take part in a seminar, learn certain techniques and then practise very diligently for a certain time…they will do very well. Until, invariably, at some point…everyday life got so busy, that they no longer found the time to practise what they had learnt…and it would all slowly but surely fall by the wayside.

So, for 15 years, I have been asking myself this question…what can I give people that will markedly increase their well-being and takes less than 5 minutes a day or no time at all?

Recently all the pieces for the answer to that question came together and I am now teaching a set of measures that take virtually no time and have far reaching impact: it greatly reduces stress, enabling anyone to steer clear of burnout, it boosts aerobic fitness, yielding in minutes benefits that are similar to an hour of cardio training, it increases ones awareness and mental clarity and last but not least, greatly reduces all levels of inflammation in the body, significantly improving well-being and protecting against a myriad health conditions.

Sounds to good to be true? Well, let me tell you that it was only possible because I’m standing on the shoulders of the giants that came before me. It is the cumulative effect of years of inter-disciplinary research, brought together in a synergistic way.

It fits the adage that “only what is practical, gets practised!”

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