Euphoria Festival

March 15, 2018

1st Lesvos Euphoria International Festival

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” – Aristotle From the island of Lesvos, known for its natural, “unspoilt” beauty and positive energy; a cultural “center” that promotes an expression of new learnings, freedom and peace, we […]
March 15, 2018

Eftalou Hot Springs

Dipping a toe into the Eftalou hot springs on the northern tip of Lesbos island can take what seems like an eternity. Channeled into a superb communal bathhouse at the edge of the azure Aegean Sea, the thermal waters that […]
March 13, 2018

Mindful eating

Everyone is eating and drinking, and a lot of people are writing and talking about healthy food, diets, superfoods, and fasting. The choice of diets is endless these days; Some go Vegetarian, Vegan, Ketogenic, Paleo, Flexitarian, Mediterranean, High/Low Fat, Raw […]
February 24, 2018

Beneficial properties of Aronia

Aronia melanocarpa belongs to one of the most nutritious plants, called “super food”, and holds the world’s leading position on the international scale of medicinal plants.