“Beginners Guide to Meditation and Meditation Routine” by Angie Johnson

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18 Ιανουαρίου, 2021
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“Beginners Guide to Meditation and Meditation Routine” by Angie Johnson

by Angie Johnson

I get a lot of questions and comments about meditation.

How do I start?
I can’t clear my head
How long?
I don’t have time – What time of day is better?

Here’s what I do in the morning.

I create a space – usually with candles, a comfortable seat, and some essential oils.

I make coffee and smell and hold the hot liquid – it’s soothing for me.

I play music in a noise cancelling headset – sometimes with words, sometimes with no words.

I read an affirmation that’s automatically generated for me on an application called Mantra. You could also try an Affirmation card deck. I just recently started doing this. I notice that it brings me into a headspace.

Then I write it and reflect on the affirmation if anything comes up.

I journal my day (so that I don’t go through this checklist in my head later). My journal and planner are combined. I write down my affirmation, my daily to do’s, wellness routines, food journal and anything else I need to remind myself.

Then I sit with my notebook nearby and if a thought comes up and it won’t let go, I write it down. And come back to my practice.

I concentrate on my breath – inhaling and exhaling so I can hear and feel the breath. I do a body scan and try to notice any tension or discomfort. This morning I noticed that my back was in some discomfort – so I changed my position to lying in savasana – this helped me to release and I put my hands on my stomach and let it float up and down. It was better for me, so notice if you need to change positions.

Sometimes (when sitting up) I sip my coffee with my eyes closed. For me this is like a gentle pause – a moment to use my senses.

There are no rules to mediating. Give yourself permission to make this your time and make it what you need.

Ask yourself why you need meditation and what result you want from it.

Personally for me, I use the morning to get focused but I will come back to this anytime in the day when I notice myself scattered.

The most important takeaway: there are no rules to meditation, only the attempt to feel it and understand how it works for you.

Take some tips and tricks and play with it. Own it and it will evolve.

There are also guided meditations to take the pressure out of emptying your mind all on your own.

Mindful Meditations

Buddhify App


Spotify has some great music to drown out the silence Here’s some music to try

I hope you find the moments you need to feel, breath, empty your mind and find YOUR space.